NASA Drones Data Dump

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I have been asked to help host the following files again in the public interest. As a host of the file, I am not making any claims for the authenticity of the information
or subsequent claims about what the data does or does not show. Conclusions should therefore be derived from the proper interrogation of the material.

Update: As per my above disclaimer, it does appear the group behind this were indeed not being entirely truthful and the data
is from public archives instead. For more information, read Forbes' article here. This will be kept online for the record though.


SHA1: 77A3 4140 DC5F 687A C7F6 97D8 4D35 4C55 0BEB C91B
SHA256: E475 DEC1 FDB1 6025 DA59 DFE1 0601 CD7B AF80 FE6B E3DF 2A28 3AF9 AFAF E2EC C8F0

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Date 31-01-2016